Architect: unk

Realisation: 1993

Size: unk

Location: Rotterdam, NL

Elements: open space, seating options, greenery and sometimes a big market

Materials: brick, greenery

The Binnenrotteplein is a big square in the hart of Rotterdam. The square arose when the original railway viaduct was demolished. An open square with unclear function was the result. You hardly can call it a square. To change that the redevelopment of the square started. The Binnenrotteplein, nicked named the Landing Strip had to become greener. Which would make the square a nice place to stay. The design is made by the firm OKRA and contains more green spaces divided over the square and instead of 71 trees there will be 90 of them. The work is almost finished.

I my opinion the Binnenrotteplein is one of the most impressive, when not the most impressive square in Rotterdam. Definitely my favourite square. Standing on the square, the Binnenrotteplein tells and shows you the whole history of Rotterdam. This wide open space, is embraced by some of Rotterdam’s famous and unique architecture. At the same time the architecture needs this open space to express themselves. More important a city needs open spaces like the Binnenrotteplein. A space which is just wide and open, a place to breath. It is clear that I’m totally against this redevelopment of the Binnenrotteplein. Although I have to admit the new lower levelled bicycle storage is a nice solution. I don’t know is the cyclist who use it see it the same way.


88 Street café – towards the Meent there are some café’s.

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by buildings they square could be seen as a positive outdoor space, although I think it is to big to create that nice square feeling. In my view this is might by one of Rotterdam’s best outdoor spaces.

120 Paths and goals – a grey brick line is your guideline.

125 Stair seats – in front of the Markthal there are stair seats.

126 Something roughly in the middle – the new green spaces can we seen as something roughly in the middle.


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