Architect: Eduard Keilig

Realisation: 1869

Size: 140.000 sqm

Location: Antwerpen, BE

Elements: greenery, lake, playgrounds

Materials: greenery, water

The Stadspark lies in the middle of Antwerpen. The park has a triangular shape and is enclosed by three roads. The park is build on top of an old fortress wall. The park is a small green oasis. On a sunny day the park is used very well. There is a big playground, a skate park and a waterfront. Although during my visit this waterfront was almost running out water. Not a very nice and inviting view. Groundwater has a big influence on the water level. Although there are pumps to pump the water in the park. There is a hill in the middle, which doesn’t provide any overviews. The greenery is quite roughly and closed, some meadows create a more open feeling.


33 Nightlife – as soon the sunsets the Stadspark transforms in park where of gay prostitutes sell their bodies.

53 Main gateways – a big monument points out and is the main gateway into the park.

62 High space – there is a higher space without any noteworthy function.

71 Still water – there could be a nice waterfront, if there would be water.

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by a lot of greenery the park is a positive outdoor space.

114 Hierarchy of open space – the park has a nice variety in open en closed spaces.

120 Paths and goals – a diversity of walkways lead you along the park.


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