Architect: unk

Realisation: unk

Size: unk

Location: Rotterdam, NL

Elements: greenery, trees, sport fields

Materials: greenery, concrete

The Mijnsherenplein is part of the multicultural neighbourhood called Tarwewijk. The square is divided in two pieces by the subway viaduct. Because of this it looks like there are two different squares. The upper part contains some greenery, a concrete square to play sports and a pharmacy. The other part has a big grass field and a football cage. Although both parks are made out of the same materials they don’t connect with each other. The area underneath the bridge is empty. This space could provide the link between the two parks to make them one. The park, specially the lower part is a meeting point for the Turkish community in this neighbourhood. Sometimes there are some small events, mostly also from the Turkish community. This square gives the neighbourhood some air, by crossing thru the housing blocks. The subway viaduct divides the neighbourhood in two, the Mijnsherenplein could have bin a nice park with a connective element.


33 Nightlife – only practiced by the Turkish community, which are at the square till late. In general, there is no nightlife

69 Public outdoor room – by the way the square is enclosed it is a kind of outdoor room.

71 Still water – there is a small fountain.

88 Street café – this square contains a lot of café’s and restaurants with some nice outdoor dining possibilities.

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by buildings and some greenery the park is a positive outdoor space. I suppose for the Turkish community this square has some other positive values.

126 Something roughly in the middle – the unused space underneath the subway viaduct feels like something roughly in the middle.


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