Architect: unk

Realisation: unk

Size: unk

Location: Zürich, CH

Elements: market, greenery, restaurants, fountain

Materials: greenery, water, bricks

On Wednesday and Saturday, the Marktplatz, in neighbourhood Oerlikon is used for the local market. On the other days this square is still a busy place. Since the renovation, which was finished in 2013 the Marktplatz is nice place to come and relaxed. Around the Markplatz there are a lot of restaurants and café’s. Specially during lunchtime this square is full op people. In the middle of the neighbourhood, close to the train station, surrounded by stores and restaurants this square has a lively character. The square is enclosed by, one one side buildings and on the other side by a row of trees. Under the trees there are benches, the ideal place enjoy the lively character.


69 Public outdoor room – by the way the square is enclosed it is a kind of outdoor room.

71 Still water – there is a small fountain.

88 Street café – this square contains a lot of café’s and restaurants with some nice outdoor dining possibilities.

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by buildings and some greenery the park is a positive outdoor space.



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