Architect: unk

Year: late seventies

Size: unk

Location: Soest, NL

Elements: water, greenery, walkway

Materials: water, greenery, asphalt

I’ve grown in Soest in the neighbourhood named Overhees. Overhees is build in the late seventies in the Soesterveen. They urban planers used a many of the original trenches and ponds in their design. But also created some new ponds with a natural character.

On of these ponds was very close to my home. It is not more than an eclipse shaped water basin with in the middle an island and walkway around id surrounded by some lower greenery. This green public space is most of the time only used by inhabitants walking their dogs, sometimes by some hobby fisherman and even more rarely on a warm day some kids ‘sail’ the pond with their inflatable boats.

What is interesting is the fact what happens when it freezes very hard and the pond transforms in a big ice field. At this very moment the pond becomes the central space in the neighbourhood, where you spend your day, where you can do sports or leisure and meet a lot of relatives. This made me realise the influence of the weather on the usage of a public park space.



71 Still water – a bigger basin with water creates an open ‘field’ in the neighbourhood.

106 Positive outdoor space – yes, when influenced by the weather, when the pond is frozen.

120 Paths and goals – one walkway surrounds the pond.

126 Something Roughly in the middle – the island, only used by birds and ducks.


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