Architect: unk

Year: 1895

Size: unk

Location: New York

Elements: greenery, public space, statue

Materials: greenery, asphalt

Like Times Square also the Herald Square has been transformed over the years in a pedestrian zone. Both are part of the Broadway Boulevard plan. Because the Broadway runs diagonally through the grid of Manhattan streets it creates a lot of irregular intersections. Which forced pedestrians on to narrow sideways, which led to dangerous situations with the passing vehicles. Also the working and shopping environment wasn’t much inviting. In this case the Broadway Boulevard plan contains a pedestrian zone along the Herald square. This gives the park a complete other function (easy to reach), providing double the amount of space, changing the character of the area. The new space is filled with tables, chairs, umbrellas, chess tables and is used for dance lessons, exercise classes and a lot of other events. This is a nice example how a little interference has a positive influence on the area. It don’t need much all the time to create positive outdoor space.


88 Street café – there are some mobile food stands. The tables and chairs are provided by the city.

106 Positive outdoor space – yes, when influenced by the weather, when the pond is frozen.

114 Hierarchy of open space – the Herald Park is a more closed space, the closed part of the Broadway kept as an open space.

120 Paths and goals – the Broadway is your guideline.

126 Something Roughly in the middle – by closing a part of the Broadway the original Herald Park feels like something roughly in the middle. Before the adjustments the park fitted perfect in the left over space formed by the intersection.



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