Year realisation: 1904, still changing

Size: unk

Location: New York, USA

Elements: entertainment, stair, tourists

Materials: stone, light

Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attraction with 50 million visitors each year. Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination, centre of entertainment, a big junction of the 7th Ave and Broadway and a neighbourhood in Midtown Manhattan. Over the years I was privileged to visit News York many times and I saw how Times Square changed over the years into a more pedestrian friendly area. Times Square exists out of 2 triangles facing each other with the point. In 2010 the city started to redesign the space around Times Square. The transformation has been done by the frim Snohetta. Instead of cars, they made the Broadway a public space with granite pavers and benches. This pedestrian plaza gave the mostly tourists more space, reduces the risk of exit dents and spreads the density around the square. The Red Stairs of Times Square (designed by Perkins Eastman) became a symbol surrounded by electronic advertisement. It is a unique public space.


33 Nightlife – 24/7 action around Times Square. New York, also called the city that never sleeps, Times Square incorporate this nickname.

62 High space – a stair building provides a view over Times Square and the best place to feel the energy of New York and Times Square.

106 Positive outdoor space – on one hand it is a positive outdoor space, unique in his kind. On the other hand, Times Square doesn’t ad a positive outdoor space in the heart of Manhattan for its residents.

120 Paths and goals – a massive ‘light ball’, a never ending stream of tourists and the overwhelming vibe of Times Square guides you around.

125 Stair seats – the red stairs are used as a seating option.

126 Something Roughly in the middle – the red stairs can be experienced as something roughly in the middle. The stairs are a positive addition to the square.


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