Architect: Butzelaar Van Son Architecten

Year realisation: 2014

Size: 1,2 km long

Location: Rotterdam, NL

Elements: greenery, gardening, playground, water, eatery

Materials: greenery, stone, water

Build on a former rail yard the Dakpark is a nice collaboration between consuming and leisure. The park has a height of 9 meters and is build on top of a big shopping street. This is a nice mixture of architecture a public space. The Dakpark is realised together with the neighbourhood residents. The neighbourhood has a nice green view. On top of the park you can overview the city in an other way. In the length the park has a walkway, crossed with smaller walkways, stairs and a water section. There is a community garden, a greenhouse with restaurant and herb garden and a playground with a specially designed lodge for administrators, parents and children. The view, walking above the city is a nice experience. The collaboration with the neighbourhood is commendable and led to a positive green public space.


62 High space – 9 meters above the ground, the park is a nice high space.

106 Positive outdoor space – the combination between architecture and public space, between consuming and enjoying, the collaboration between the neighbourhood and the city government and the use of limited space in an urban context can be seen as positive.

120 Paths and goals – a visual clear walkway connects the park.

125 Stair seats – the park has some nice stairs which are used to sit.


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