Architect: Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux

Year realisation: 1895

Size: 3.410.000 sqm

Location: New York, USA

Elements: sport facilities, greenery, artificial hills, lakes, pavilion, walkways, zoo

Materials: greenery, stone, water

Maybe worlds most famous park, the Central Park in Manhattan. The park extends over 4 kilometers from 110th street down to 59th street. A downtown walking tour through Central Park will bring along all the different elements of the park and is a nice escape. The park contains a lot of greenery and a couple of bigger lakes, which provide a nice open space. Walkways guide you over hills, along sport venues and pavilions, thru open and more closed green spaces towards the south of the park. On a Saturday morning Central Park is full of New Yorker who want to escape the hectic life of the city. A lot of families enjoying quality time with their loved ones, New Yorkers jogging over special jogging ways and tourists discover this unique park surrounded by an urban context. The park can somehow be divided in a northern part, where especially New Yorkers are and the south part which is, specially in summer overcrowded with tourists.


33 Night life – the park closes at 01.00 which lower the possibility of nightlife.

62 High space – the woven landscape provides some nice higher places so as well the tower of the Belvedere Castle.

69 Public outdoor room – specially in the more closed green parts, almost like a real forest you find some nice places that work like an outdoor room, far away from the nearby city.

71 Still water – there are a couple of artificial lakes. The biggest one, called The Reservoir was used to distribute New York’s water supply.

106 Positive outdoor space – a unique positive outdoor space in the hard of New York, used and loved by a lot of New York’s citizens.

114 Hierarchy of open space – the park plays with open and closed spaces, this provides a nice ‘swung’ throughout the park. 

120 Paths and goals – walkways guide you thru the park.

126 Something roughly in the middle – a lot of elements can be seen as roughly in the middle; this gives the park a more nature/natural feeling.


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