Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh

Year realisation: 2015

Size: 81.000 sqm

Location: Chicago, USA

Elements: sport facilities, greenery, artificial hills

Materials: concrete, greenery

Frank Gehry’s curvy shaped pedestrian bridge connects the Millennium Park with the Maggie Daley Park. The experience in totally different. The Maggie Daley Park has a lot of green open spaces to leisure shaped by the curvy walkways. The artificial hills create a landscape containing some more private spaces. A skate rink, climbing walls, a field house, a tennis court and a children’s playground make the park attractive to go, with the city centre just two blocks away.


33 Night life – occasionally during events in the park.

62 High space – the hills create a waving landscape. If you are able to climb the climbing walls you would have a nice an other perspective on the scenery.

69 Public outdoor room – the dips in the waving landscape create some bounded rooms.

88 Street café – there is a café.

106 Positive outdoor space – the park can be seen as a positive outdoor space. The open landscape is a nice contrast to the skyscrapers. And the park provides different ways of usage.

120 Paths and goals – the open spaces and sport venues create goals the walkways are guiding you.


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