This sketch is a skyline changing proposal for the new Museumpark. A massive block covers the big part of the museum park. This block contains the museum, housing, shopping, offices, indoor parks and on top there is a big rooftop park with an overlook over Rotterdam. The museum isn’t a separate experience; it is woven within the other functions of the building. The roof provides a big ‘closed’ space, which can be used for events. For example, open air cinema, street markets or smaller festivals. Id might also could stimulate a more active nightlife.

It is also an experiment of scale and proportions. The big block is something heavy and impressive if you walk along it. In the mirrors show you a lot of the surroundings. On top there is again a big open park space with a wide view. Inside the block there is a mixture of open en closed spaces in diverse proportions.


+ scale and proportion element

+ mix of different functions of the building

+ a radical statement

+ rooftop park

– way to big for the context

– providing a lot of shade and destroying the view from the surrounded buildings, specially the Erasmus MC

– the feeling of a park is gone by adding other functions

– less use of design elements to create a public outdoor space


– 62 High space – a big rooftop park

– 88 Street café – a café is part of the sketch

– 114 Hierarchy of open space – closed and open, lower and higher and spaces of different proportions will be situated in the block

– 126 Something roughly in the middle – the block could describe as something roughly in the middle


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