Architect: Müller Siegrist Architekten

Year realisation: 2014 (competition winner)

Size: unk

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Elements: housing, stores, playground, greenery and a tram depot

Materials: stone, trees, gravel and concrete

Since 1975 the city of Zürich wanted to cover the Kalkbreite tram depot. Finally, in 2014 the Siedlung Kalkbreite was realised. Around the tram depot Müller Siegrist Architekten designed a shell with housing, stores and a green park on top. This green park is accessible via steep stairs which are a little bit hidden. Once you find and climb them you enter a big inner courtyard.

This courtyard is a nice noiseless bubble inside the city. On one side it is surrounded by houses, the other side is open and provides, specially by nice weather a beautiful on the Alps. In the middle there is a garden, a playground and a small community café. On the more open side there are stairs which contain nice terraces. Some used for gardening, some just to sit and relax. This park is a public outdoor space, but it doesn’t feel like. You have the feeling of being a guest in the park. It is a strong community living in the housing project, walking trough the park, surround by houses you have the feeling everybody is watching you.


53 Main gateways – the stairs which lead up to the park create clear gateway

62 High space – the park is already a higher space, the stairs and terraces provide a nice view over the park

69 Public outdoor room – Almost complete surrounded by houses, you feel like you’re in a new room, which is good as you see the park as an inner courtyard

88 Street café – there is a small café, only used by the people who live in the houses

106 Positive outdoor space – according to the book this must be a positive outdoor space, to my experience it isn’t. The space is only usable in a positive way if you live in the Siedlung Kalkbreite. If you are a ‘foreigner’ you feel watched.

125 Stair seats – a lot of seating options on the more open side of the design


Sketch – Skyline Block different programs combined in one design (tram depot/art depot)


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