The museum literally merges with the park. The museum has a curvy long stretched shape from the one to the other side of the Museumpark. There exists one long line of museums, starting with the Nieuwe Instituut, via the new depot proposal all the way down to the Kunstal or vice versa.

The curvy shape is partly covert by artificial hills. These providing higher and lower parts and on the other hand the create a flow throughout the whole parks. The side facing the Nieuwe Instituut is has a bigger concrete space which slightly starts to be greener. Greenery and trees will provide different more closed experiences in compare to the more open spaces.


+ the flow

+ hide and seek element between the museum and the park

+ it is very low and smooth, in a flow

+ connective function

– artificial hills

– the one level shape of the museum

– changing the MVRDV Depot design


– 62 High space – there is a continually variation of heights in this design

– 120 Paths and goals – the curvy shape is your guide through the park, although the museum isn’t visible all the time


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