Architect: Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture

Year realisation: 2017

Size: unk

Location: Boston, USA

Elements: crossing, seating elements

Materials: stone, asphalt, wood, trees

The Rachel Ravere Square lies in the hart of North end, a neighbourhood in Boston. The park provides, by using grey stones a nice contrast with the context of dark brown brick buildings. At the Rachel Ravere Square the road splits in two, witch is also extra accentuated by using these grey stones. The outside boundaries of the square are extra market by the rough character of the stone. Once you’re ‘inside’ the square the stones are smooth. A very small details, which values the inside experience of the square. This inside experience is made out of ‘walls’ and stairs were you can sit on. In some parts there are wooden benches integrated in the design. Which are very nice harmonies with the colour of the brick buildings. A larger asphalt surface towards the church provides the grey stones some lightness and smoothness.


69 Public outdoor room – by using these big stone blocks, the architect created an inside room, without making high walls for example

106 Positive outdoor space – for me definitely a nice outdoor space, small, precise, welcoming and used by the people living around the square

125 Stair seats – a lot of seating options thought-out the whole design

126 Something roughly in the middle – from a distance it looks somehow misplaced in the context, enjoying the qualities you realise that it works well in combination with the context


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