I’m not a big fan of the shape of the Depot building. The nickname ‘bloempot’ basically sais everything, there is something missing. In this sketch design I try to hide the shape of the Depot and let it merge with a park proposal. This resulted in an extra higher ring around the Depot which can be entered via curved and organic shaped ramps. The Depot stands as an island in the water, these ramps are the only way to enter the building. The organic shapes are full of greenery, which are surrounded by concrete surface. By doing this the Depot receives his own park, within the boundaries of the Museumpark. A clear contrast.


+ integration of the depot into the park

+ curved walkways

+ hiding the shape of the Depot building

+ elegance in compare with the sloppy shape of the Depot building

– to hard contrast between the organic and straight shapes

– boring concrete surface

– slightly relocate the Depot building


– 53 Main gateway – the ramps could be seen as a gateway towards the Depot

– 62 High space – the ramps and the higher ring about the Depot provides an overview of the park and here surroundings

– 71 Still water – there is a bigger water basin

– 120 Paths and goals – the curved walkways are a guide, a stimulating experience to get to the Depot


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