Architect: Otávio Agusto de Teixeira and Oscar Niemeyer

realisation: 1954

Size: 1.584.000 sqm

Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil

Elements: sport venues, walkways, water basins, museums and greenery

Materials: gravel, concrete, water and greenery

In the heart of Sao Paolo’s massive concrete jungle lies the Parque Ibirapuera. This urban large area is ideal for escaping city life, to go for a run around the lake or just for relaxing. There is a diversity of different museums and large music hall, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The park also hosts the Sao Paulo Fashionweek and a lot of other events. The Parque Ibirapuera can be compared with the Central Park in New York.

Walking through this park is a nice experience. I really like the covered pathways, give you a direction and shelter during a tropical rain shower. Although you in a massive park, the park always reminds you of the fact that you are even in a bigger city. Everywhere in the park there are situated different buildings, some quite big in fact. This was a very Criticized element, because a lot of people just wanted a big green area. Around the lake you have a view towards the skyscraper living blocks of the city. But due the curvy and organic forms, the greenery and the calmness, you’re definitely have the feeling you’re in a park. Parque Ibirapuera is Sao Paulo’s most visited park.


69 Public outdoor room – there different pavilions

71 Still water – there is a lake

88 Street café – there are a lot of café’s in the park and other people selling drinks and snacks

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by Sao Paolo’s urban context this park could be seen as a positive outdoor space

114 Hierarchy of open space – there is a nice play between open and closed spaces

120 Paths and goals – walkways, open and more closed spaces, different use of materials and buildings lead you through the park

126 Something roughly in the middle – pavilions and buildings are divided around the park



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