The Depot building has a strong, demanding and present appearance. This sketch is a rectangular contrast to the curved shape (which also can be seen as a slightly curved rectangular block) of the Depot.

The park is build up on all kind of rectangular shapes, with different materials, heights and functions. There are materials used which are referring to the Depot and on the other hand materials which are a contrast to the Depot. There is a big concrete square like there is now and which can be used for all different kind of activities. The pedestrian bridge stays as well in this design. Together with the walkway they cross the whole park and makes in one. This sketch contains also a small park café.

Around the Depot their will be used al kind of materials which influence the experience of the reflecting façade.


+ contrast in used shapes, materials and us edge

+ straight walkway through the whole park

+ different use of materials and materials you won’t see quickly in a park

+ make use of the mirror façade of the Depot building

– to many ‘spaces’

– materials you won’t see quickly in a park, how will they be ‘accepted’ by the public, interesting

– merging and contrasting, there is not a clear vision, could be positive or negative


– 62 High space – there is a continually variation of heights in this design, within the marge

– 69 Public outdoor room – can be ‘claimed’ on a higher space

– 71 Still water – there are couple of water surfaces

– 88 Street café – a little café with seating possibilities is merge in to this proposal

– 114 Hierarchy of open space – closed and open, lower and higher and spaces of different materials can create a curtain hierarchy, or a tension between the spaces

– 120 Paths and goals – the walkway through the whole park is clearly recognisable, different materials, heights and spaces can create new routings or reference points through out the park

– 126 Something roughly in the middle – the café, higher spaces can be used as focus point and create a central point, next to the Depot building


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