Architect: Zion Breen Richardson Associates

realisation: 1967

Size: 390 sqm

Location: New York, USA

Elements: terrace and waterfall

Materials: granite, trees/plants and water

In the middle of bustling New York there is a quite oasis called Paley Park. An oasis with a simple spatial organization, airy trees, lightweight furniture and the calming joy of falling water. A 6-meter-high waterfall at the back of the park covers the noise of the city. The park is surrounded by walls and trees. For a moment you are completely out of the city until you look up and you realised that you are surrounded by skyscrapers. There is a small café, offering fresh juices, salads and sandwiches. Light en fresh meals matching the design of the furniture. The wire mesh white chairs and marble tables don’t detract from the surroundings. This park shows an extremely rare blend of materials, textures, spatial qualities, colours and sound. The sound of urban sound of New York is gone for a moment in the Paley Park; a beautiful experience.


69 Public outdoor room – you can experience this place like an outdoor room, because of its enclosed character

88 Street café – makes the place even more attractive to visit and enjoy the tranquillity

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by big skyscrapers this park is a unique experience of a positive outdoor space

114 Hierarchy of open space – the park opens up the almost continually rhythm of blocks


Very interesting how sound, something we hardly discussed till so fare can influence or be a part of a design.


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