Architect: antón & ghiggi landschaft architektur and Baumann Roserens Architekten

realisation: 2015

Size: 20.000 sqm

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Elements: grass field, playground

Materials: gravel, concrete, grass, trees and water

The Pfingstweidpark is part of the redevelopment of neighbourhood Zürich West. The big grass field lies slightly lower then de rest of the park, on one side embedded in a straight wall, on the other side by the playground. The grass field contains some trees. The playground has all kind of different heights. The playground doesn’t work for me that well. Some functions are unclear and the organic curves don’t create a nice floating harmony. There isn’t any connection between the playground and the grass field. There is the context, residence blocks and the railway track, there is a big grass field and a playground out of organic forms and different heights. But they don’t match with each other, id felt like three different things.

What is interesting is that the architect used a lot of demolition materials. For example, they used 200m3 of concrete from the foundations of the demolished buildings. The gravel which is used in the park came from an other construction side in the city.


62 High Space – different us of levels of height, mainly because the big grass field lies lower then the rest.

71 Still water – there is a small basin, witch doesn’t have a big influence on the park experience.


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