The Depot building will be a landmark for the Museumpark. I’m afraid that this building will be an other building next to the al existing museum building around the Museumpark. I doubt that the Depot, although it’s mirroring characteristics will merge in to the existing context.

In this proposal the Depot is the main gateway into the Museumpark. You walk through the design of MVRDV into a space surrounded by higher green hills. These hills form a kind of inner courtyard, design to host all kind of events. The hills flatten out towards the end of the park into a wide and open space. On the diagonal opposite side there is a, almost copy of the shape of the Depot. It is fully grown with climbing plants to create an other inner courtyard.


+ merging character between the Depot and the Museumpark

+ difference in open and closed spaces and as well in heights

+ different use of different heights

+ open up the Depot design of MVRDV

– twice the same, not very elegant shape

– only grass

– fake hills in a flat country, doesn’t make sense somehow and doesn’t fit well in the context

– chancing the MVRDV design


– 33 nightlife – the two inner courtyard can host events and create a lively night life

– 53 Main gateway – the Depot is the main gateway in to the Museumpark

– 62 High space – three hills provide an overlook over the park and a ‘swing’ throughout the whole park

– 69 Public outdoor room – two courtyards on each side of the park

– 114 Hierarchy of open space – entering the Museumpark form the Nieuw Instituut side you experience heights which lead towards an open space if you walk through the park towards De Kunsthal


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