Architect: Burckhardt+Partner AG and Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten

Year realisation: 2002 (competition first price)

Size: 6.300 sqm

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Elements: metal frame, climbing plants, open space, higher terraces

Materials: wood, light gravel, metal, climbing plants and greenery

The MFO Park can be described as an architectural park house. The basement is surrounded by al kind of plants, climbing up the metal frame. This frame forms the park. Double walls, made of plants create covered walkways and shadow during sunny days. Stairs lead up to different floating balconies. From these balconies you can overlook the big spacious hall, which has a strong and powerful influence on the design. This hall is filled by the ever changing daylight, shadows and the smell of the plants. These fragile elements create a nice contrast with the strong and heavy metal frame. The hall can be used for different activities. Climbing the stairs thru the walls of plants to higher walkways gives you feeling of swinging thru the jungle. On top there is a sundeck, witch provide a nice look over the park. The MFO Park contains with a length of 18m the largest pergola in the world.

The MFO Park is build on the side of the former Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon. The park is a footprint of the former building. This provides a nice link with the history of this place. It is a urban park, with a calm environment.

Interesting reference project in combination with SKETCH – CONNECTION.


33 Night life – at the moment there is not much happening, but I think this park has the potential to host some nice events at night.

53 Main gateways – the open side of the park invites, like a gateway the people to enter the big hall.

62 High Space – balconies at different levels of height

69 Public outdoor room – the big hall, covered by plants can be experience as a public outdoor room.

71 Still water – there is a small basin, witch doesn’t have a big influence on the park experience.

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by big blocks the MFO Park provides a nice open and at the same time closed and hidden outdoor space.

114 Hierarchy of open space – the cover pathways lead to more open spaces; this is a nice mixture.


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