Architect: City of Zürich

Year realisation: 1983

Size: –

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Elements: closed roads, a square and trees

Materials: asphalt, gravel and trees

For about 3 years I lived next to the Röntgenplatz. This is a small square in the heart of the so-called neighbourhood ‘Kreis 5’. The square itself isn’t very special but the Röntgenplatz has an important function in the neighbourhood.

The square is basically an intersection of 3 roads. To reduce the traffic in the neighbourhood they decided in the early ’80 to cut of the roads and make out of the intersection a square. Today the Röntgenplatz is a place where people of the neighbourhood meet. There is always a lively vibe around this square. During lunchtime, specially during summertime’s there are a lot of people. The square is also hosts during the year some events like the ‘Röntgenplatzfest’ and an open air cinema.

The middle of the square is the shape of a quadrangle. There you find a covered shelter and some seating possibilities. These you also will find around the square.

33 Night life – normally not, only during events.

71 Still water – there is a small basin at the side of the square.

106 Positive outdoor space – although the design isn’t something special, due to his function this square can be describe as a positive outdoor space.

114 Hierarchy of open space – you enter the square via narrow roads, the square is a light and open space.


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