What have a parking garage for cars and a depot for art in common? Both are about storage of products: painting, sculptures and cars. What is we combine these two together and make a depot for cars and art. In this proposal there will be a complete parking garage underneath the already existing Museumpark. The first floor, of the parking garage will be the new Depot for Boijmans. From this floor there is art popping up out of the ground in the Museumpark and at the same time there enters light via these ‘windows’. The art in the park is integrated in the program of the park. In this way there is a strong connection between the Depot and the Museumpark.


– 120 Paths and goals – the ‘sokkels’ create anchors and form a routing

– 126 Something roughly in the middle – popping up glass ‘sokkels’ scattered around the park



+ Connection between art and park

+ The art can be used for different things during a leisure moment in the park

+ Interesting mixture of art, park and a parking garage

+ A hidden space witch allows the Museumpark to be an open space in a urban context

– Underground, ground water issues

– The MVRDV design is an eye catcher, this proposal isn’t

– Can art be used as a toy to play with?

– Chancing the MVRDV design


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