Architect: Haerle Hubacher
Year realisation: 2001
Size: 20.000 sqm
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Elements: tree field, open space, tower, multifunctional pavilion, water.
Materials: wood, gravel, grass, natural stones, concrete

The Oerliker Park is divided in two by a street crossing thru the park. Still the park is one due to the continuation of the tree field (in a 3x3m grid) and the wooden open space. The multifunctional pavilion and the tower are painted in striking colours.The upper part of the park has a playground for children, the pavilion, a big open space and gravel is the meanly used material. The upperpart of the park merges beautiful in the context by the chosen materials.The lower part has the tower and some seats and has a big grass area. There is a small part of the park made of natural stones. Small detail in this area is the use of different trees who merge better in the bed of natural stones. The tower provides a nice view over the park and the urban context.


62 High Space – the tower

88 Street Café – the pavilion can provide in that function

106 Positive outdoor space – surrounded by big blocks this park provides a nice open outdoor space. It is a contrast in compere with here context.

114 Hierarchy of open space – the open space is surrounded by the more closed tree field. The whole park is enclosed by housing.

120 Paths and goals – the park provides some landmarks to focus on, like the pavilion and the tower (in design and use of colour) and the street witch divides the park in two parts.

125 Stair seats – there are a lot of seating options next to the placed furniture.



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