In this sketch proposal I change the coming Depot building in long stretched form. This new Depot building connects Het Nieuwe Instituut via the Museumpark with the Kunsthal. There arises one big museumcomplex instead of all separate buildings which there are now. The space comes out of the upper part of Het Nieuwe Instituut, crosses the street and ends in the middle of the park. A steel structure, overgrown with greenery supports the separate blocks hanging in this structure. This allows people to walk underneath the museum. The steel structure waves out over the whole park by a defined grid. The park is an open space out of concrete and grass. This allows different us edge of the park. The Depot has a leading function in this design.


– 53 Main gateway – clearly directing towards the Depot

– 62 High space – able to get on the roofs of the different blocks

– 69 Public outdoor room – under the museum between the grid of the vertical pillars


+ Connective character between the museums

+ Opens up the given boarders of the park by leaning over the street

+ Different use of heights

+ Open and vertical use of a grid

– Height of the structure

– Proportion of concrete and grass

– The museum is the only thing in the design

– Chancing the MVRDV design


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